Blue Sky Day 90% Strategy - No Repaint

Blue Sky Day 90% Strategy -No Repaint

There have been tons of indicators currently available on tradingview, and that brings confusion in one’s mind as to which indicator does really work in the market. So here is the strategy that has a profitability of 90%. The strategy is compatible with just any kind of trading instrument.

Blue Sky Day No Repaint

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[GUIDELINES] How to use:

  1. Use Heikin-Ashi candlesticks.(Strategy must be used with HA candles)
  2. Recommended time-frame is 15 minutes.
  3. The parameters of the strategy are set to default so it adjusts automatically.
  4. When the background is blue & LONG signal appears "go long", when the background is red & SHORT signal appears "go short".
  5. Make sure to apply "Blue Sky Day No Repaint Strategy Tester" in order to make LONG-SHORT signals appear on your chart as shown in following fig.:
  6. You can also load "Blue Sky Day No Repaint Alert" Version in order to be able to set up signal alerts.

To know how to activate it on your chart, CLICK HERE



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