Blue Sky Day 90% Strategy - No Repaint

Blue Sky Day 90% Strategy No Repaint

Well, there have been tons of indicators currently available on tradingview; and that brings confusion in one’s mind as to which indicator does actually work in the market. I have spent like months back-testing each and every indicator in live market. Meanwhile I had found such an indicator which would generate ‘LONG-SHORT’ signals. It was none other than “Blue Sky Day 90% Strategy”. After doing some offlinebacktesting, I felt as if I have found something  Holy Grail!

This is how it looks like when you load it on chart-

Blue Sky Day No Repaint

Quite impressive! Right?

No need to load tons of technical indicators on chart and then analyze them. But very soon, I noticed that this indicator is FAKE! It was repainting the signals after hitting the refresh button. I even read the comment section, everyone was disappointed by the behaviour of this pathetic indicator.

It definitely repaints, I built a bot that was tied in to this in real time, then after noticing it was making quite a few losing trades I cross checked the trades verses the trade list here and without a doubt when you refresh the page it would repaint and remove most losing trades that this bot does. Be careful, I would say that every once in a while it does predict some good entry points but the exit points could be better. If you are going to use this bot I would recommend just using it as an indicator but not actually real time, unfortunate I know, I was really hoping to use this in real time as well. To see the truth yourself, just keep the browser open for a couple of hours and don't refresh, or even take screenshots of the same. Thereafter you'll notice the losing trades, open another tab and cross check the list of trades, you will know the difference!

So when I had this realization I immediately started working on it, was spending restless nights until I finally came up with this, the script is the same but this time it does not repaint at all! Even upon refreshing the entire web-page!

Here’s the link to non-repainting script: Blue Sky Day No Repaint — indicator script by Pro_hacker_trader / 2018-10-11


So, if you guys want to test this indicator yourself; feel free to reach us though our contact page.

[GUIDELINES] How to use:

  1. Use Heinkin-Ashi candlesticks.
  2. Recommended and default time-frame is 15 minutes.
  3. The parameters of the strategy are set to default as this script is in beta phase.
  4. When the background is blue & LONG signal appears "go long", when the background is red & SHORT signal appears "go short".
  5. Make sure to apply "Blue Sky Day No Repaint Strategy Tester" in order to make LONG-SHORT signals appear on your chart as shown in following fig.:
  6. You can also load "Blue Sky Day No Repaint Alert" Version in order to be able to set up signal alerts.


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